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Atmospheric artist

Atmospheric design

trance broadcaster

Master in Holistic Therapy / Traditional Energy Medicine

ueber mich


Andrew, 48

You're one of my top five world wide, when you touched and treated my head i went into straight communication with my healer from India, who had helped me fix former severe issues.

SR, age 63

The day after Revati’s treatment a co-worker asked me “What’s with you, you are so energetic today.” Now, four days after Revati’s treatment 

I felt more emotionally stable, more relaxed and being less distracted, I am able to accomplish more with less effort than before the massage.

I can recommend Revati’s treatment to everyone!

From stone to stream

When I arrived at Revati I could hardly move, everything inside me seemed very solid, my energy stagnated.

After slowling, I felt my own energy flow again.  Not torrential, rather steady like the flow of a stream.

Just wonderful.

François, 60

Sabine, 50+

It was just beautiful.

Just like a sunset.

It is hard for me to say more to it now.

Thank you so much Revati.

You come from a very deep place and that is felt in your work, since you treat from right there. 

I feel transported.

Excellentprofessional. Super awesome

Matthew, 55

Stephanie, 31

I was very impressed by what you brought into the world under 'Slowling'! 

A very unique experience, can't be compared and classified, I still think. 

The lightness it gave me is what I find most fascinating about it!!

It was amazing afterwards - I rode my bike home and felt like I was flying!

At home I was able to face my husband's current overload with such calmness that it probably spilled over onto him too.. 


I just did the yoga exercises again this morning and they did me a lot of good - thanks Revati!

Gerlinde, 32

Ich habe es sehr als eine Reise angenommen. Es war ein sehr unerwarteter Kontinent. (lacht) Ganz ungewöhnlich. Ich fühle mich sehr frei. Schwerelos. Wunderschön. 

Ein sehr tolles Gefühl. Es fühlt sich an, als wenn man mir mein gesamtes Gewicht genommen hätte und ich schwebe jetzt hier durch den Raum, wie ein Teilchen Licht,

so ein Photon (lacht). Ohne Gravitation, ein echt schönes Gefühl. Es wirft für mich auch Fragen auf, was trage ich für unausgeglichene Energie in mir? 

Wo stehe ich gerade? Wie kann ich lernen mit mir achtsamer umzugehen? Auch wenn man schon viele Behandlungen erlebt hat, kann man Slowling nicht vergleichen.

Mit grossem Dank nehme ich deinen herzhaften Einsatz an!



Thank you for your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for welcoming Slowling into your life!

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