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Slowing ensemble

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Consistent intergalactic. Slowling stands for energizing deceleration. An interactive experience in the form of an atmospherical journey out of everyday life into the moment. Revati aka Zenjai leads us into a world in which the percep-

tion of time temporarily dissolves.


Through the aura of the trans-disciplinary media, a soulful

color world blossoms, whose musical background varies from tribal Zen grooves to archaic instruments. Immersing in the gallant mystique of the senses, the Alchemy of Slowling can sustainably support organisms at the cellular level. This multi-sensory formula developed by Zenjai can be self-healing and

energizing for energitical alignment.


Slowling opens a field to focus the consciousness, amplify holi-stic behaviour through entering the realms of being, stopping

and pausing from time to time in the midst of the raging events

of our age.

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