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Slow solo

therapeutical one on one work

Creating from within, each treatment is based entirely on the current circumstances of the client. To fathom the cause in its rootedness and to support the result-ing path up to the solution of the symptoms are sub-ject to the session.

For the work with the body Revati varies mainly energy work, applied body work, yoga therapy and sound-trance.

In general, she moves in a broad spectrum of traditional alternative and modern bio-medicine, which is interpreted within her profound background of holistic therapy, and acts as a Slowling in its entirety. A jargon of its own, which Revati has formulated over the last 18 years.

- restoring energetic flow
- bio-structural software update
- multi-layered recognition optimization of tensions
- scar tissue clearance
- screening and sorting of crisis situations
- accompaniment of transition processes
- self realization
- refining self-perception
- holistic behaviour
- frequency and sound medicine

S l o w l i n g  s o n i c

long distance treatment

Just as the vibrational frequency of sound can be received over a radio, our bodies can send and receive healing frequencies & waves from a distance.

Slowling sonic as a modern and elegant version of healing accompaniment. Regardless of locality, this technique can be used to address a wide range of conditions and symptoms on all levels of the body.

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me without obligation.


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