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Raised in Germany, Revati J Wawra aka Zenjai, is a well-traveled neo-nomad with Algerian and German roots. Her travel, language, and cultural experiences are vast and have allowed her to experience and work amongst the extraordinary and rare, including the way of indigenous cultures, their customs, rituals, and life philosophies, and the wisdom held in their local environments.

Her early studies in Art Direction in Barcelona, Spain, inspired her to merge these collected experiences with her outstanding ability to set ideas into action and create sensitively fine-tuned atmospherical art within holistic rooms, spaces that encourage and welcome guests to inner contemplation and activation of their healing potential. Her hyper-fluid creations are expressed in every aspect of her frequency medicine work, from innovative regenerating and soul-nurturing group experiences over to ritualistic sceneries, as well as in transformative and restorative sound healing and individual one on one treatments.
Known for her soothing qualities, Revati inspires by spreading the unique Slowling vibes, honoring the movement and demands within the presence of Now, to reestablish the delicate and often ignored homeostasis required between being and doing.

Since 2002, she has been mentored and nurtured by her father, the remarkable bioenergetician and psychological healing practitioner Gerald Wawra, who educated Revati in Chromotherapy and Biophoton Resonance Therapy.
This ignited Revati's rediscovery of her skills and passion for body and energy work. Since this time there have been continual encounters and guidance of knowledge and experience with internationally renowned Masters from a wide variety of ancient and modern spiritual and healing traditions. Her education and profound knowledge of the human body were sealed through the completion of her Master's in Holistic Therapy in 2016, in Zürich with Georg della Pietra. Furthermore, she attended the Elemental Medicine School to become an Elemental Yoga Therapist. Revati as well finalized the two-year professional enrollment in Music Therapy at the Sound-Trance Institute studies; a sound-therapeutical healing approach working with altered states of consciousness and trance through archaic instruments with psychiatrist, neurologist, and music-psychotherapist Dr. Peter Hess. The sound and trance formation course is based on 30 years of experience and development in psychotherapy, psychiatry, and music therapy. This new form of receptive music therapy can be well integrated into our culture and society. Currently, she is being trained in the rare Tibetan Cranial Healing Practice.

As a brave and persuasive pioneer in the atmospherical arts field, Revati Wawra aka Zenjai, has aspired to develop her own repertoire based on the

gift of her father and grandmother, continuing the legacy of her lineage.

A holistic perspective towards health and healing, passionately bringing together her knowledge and experiences, global ancient wisdom with the latest discoveries in the fast-developing techniques of modern bio-medicine, and other holistic and alternative medicinal therapies.

Soothing and eclectic, she holistically masters traditional energy medicine and cutting-edge frequency medicine as a practitioner and artist based in Zurich, Switzerland, where she creates and brings light into any darkness through her fusion of healing knowledge with the art of atmosphere. The ambiance is created, from the careful and deliberate use of elements seen and unseen, which is the unique alchemy of SLOWLING.

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