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The practice of Revati Wawra accompanies healing through art.
  This methodology developed by Revati aka

Zenjai Revati is based on holistic trans-disciplinary and subtle energetic principles.  Zenjai titles her profession as it is to be translated as <appreciating Zen (along with all its expressions) to Jai>.

In the environment of atmospheric arts one can experience oneself in an altered state of consciousness, 

to (re)experience the fascinating closeness to pure existence and to integrate it into one's own life.

 The effect

of vibration, harmonization and energizing deceleration on all bodies including their 
their layers is promoted.

The approach of this process is called SLOWLING.


An asclieipion (healing space from Greek antiquity) interpreted to actuality is created, a metaphysical space for arriving and thriving. With Slowling, Zenjai Revati moves within a broad spectrum of learned and remembered techniques. These range from traditionally proven body and energy therapeutic applications and customs of various cultures to SoundTrance, light, sensory and chromatic. Archaic instruments and the integration of state-of-the-art biomedical photon emission as well as color and sound technology are among your tools. In short, an all-around atmospheric art and energy medicine.

Her own neo-alchemical formula is applied in Zenjai's individual and group work. 
As a facilitator, Revati communi-cates through the various media of holistic therapy and atmospheric art. Slowling occurs in a slowed down and harmonized state. An aesthetic space is created to subtly and interpassively pave the way to the subconscious.


Slowling is a tribute to life; an invitation to come home.

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