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Revati Jane Wawra aka Zenjai Revati is a neo-nomad with Algerian-German roots. Raised in Germany, she left her homeland early and began to explore large parts of the world and its languages, exposing herself to a variety of cultures. Through her experience of rites and scenarios in her manifestation she often achieves the extraordinary and the rare. She is shaped by the life and work with indigenous people in the Australian outback, as well as the experience of natives in different parts of our earth. Revati's Studying Art Direction in Barcelona, Spain, she used her exceptional ability to turn ideas into theact to implement. The resulting creations are sensitively fine-tuned holistic spaces that create space for inner contemplation and healing. An avid creator of hearty soul food, Zenjai Revati lives the atmospheric arts and inspires through the spread of Slowling

(Energizing deceleration= slow Schwingungen) whereby it is known for its calming qualities.While she impulsively diesLiving in the present, she always strives for the quality of being instead of exclusively doing. 


Since 2002 she has had extensive knowledge of light and

and color therapy and developed it self-taught. At about the same time she discovered her practical skills within the

Body and energy work and has since undergone parallel continuous 

Teachings and meetings with internationally recognized masters from a variety of ancient healing and spiritual traditions.Revatireceives

traditional knowledge about your personal experiences, which result in

the applications of therapeutic practice over the years. In 2016, as a graduate of the master school for holistic therapy, she sealed her holistic understanding of people with Georg & Jenjiraah della Pietra in Zurich. In 2017, Revati trained as an Elemental Yoga Therapist at the Elemental Yoga School. In July 2018 she_closed here 2-year-old archaicSound trance formationam Soundtrance Institute from where you from thePsychiatrist, neurologist and music psychotherapist Dr. Peter Hess, Heike Hess and Klangheiler Joel Olivéin sound trance and approaches dertransper

sonalpsychotherapy was taught. Revati is currently locatedin the training of the rare Tibetan cranial healing method.


As a pioneer, Zenjai Revati Wawra developed her own method, driven by her passion to combine the ancient wisdom with the latest discoveries to the medicine of our future, biomedicine.


A holistic thread guides her through looking at life from a broader perspective, connecting wisdom from east to west and from ancient to modern.

As a Swiss by choice, your base and practice is in Zurich, from where Slowling  is carried out into the vastness of the world.

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