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Holistic Behaviour

Holistic Experience.Course.Refining Awareness. Conscious Education.

  • fee on request
  • international


Zenjai Revati conducts participants within an atmospheric ambient through an immersion to refine awareness and enter a deepened understanding of consciousness shared as a kinesthetic experience. A realm to see yourself from outside in order to shift on the inside. A truly unique approach to enter Slowling-the path of joy and reconnect with the essence of our existence. Every experience can be customized according to the venue and last until 5 days. Please pm Zenjai Revati for further details.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Bedingungen zu Umbuchung und Kündigung

Es wird um Kontaktaufnahme 24h vor Beginn der Session gebeten, um Gebühren zu vermeiden. Bei No show wird 50% des Honorars fällig.


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Jupiterstrasse 1, Zürich, Schweiz

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