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Revati Wawra’s practice conveys healing through arts.
The art work of Revati Wawra alias Zenjai Revati is based on a holistic trans-disciplinary approach.

Zenjai refers to <praise the Zen of light>.

In the surrounding of atmospherical arts one can experience himself in an altered state of consciousness

in order to experience the mesmerizing closeness to pure existence.

Working all the layers of the body through radiance, harmonization and energizing deceleration is abet.

The Art of Joy within this process is called Slowling.
It creates metaphysical spaces to let go, arrive and thrive. With Slowling, Zenjai Revati uses a generous range

of learned techniques and tools, varying from traditionally proven body and energy-therapeutic applications

and customs of various cultures, as well as archaic instruments over to the integration of cutting-edge

biomedicine, high-end light, color and sound technology.
A neo-alchemical formula is applicated in Zenjai’s Individual and group work.
As an intermediary, Revati is in communication through the various media within holistic therapy and atmospheric art. Slowling as the art of joy happens in a decelerated and harmonized state. An aesthetic space, subtle and interactive to pave the way to the subconscious mind.
Slowling is a tribute to life; an invitation to come home.

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