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Slowling Ensemble

  Together infinitely   ::    ::    do you hear colours

An Asklepieion as an installation in everyday life. For reflection on the necessity of rituals and for the orientation of general well-being. During Slowling a bio-energetic reconnection to the origi-nal state of the human organism is established. Zenjai Revati formulates trans-dispciplinary multi-sensory applications within this specially developed Slowling approach. The atmospheric format combines the traditional healing arts with the latest find-ings of Cutting Edge Biomedicine - the likely medical form of our future.

A hyperfluid experience for contemplation and meditation. An asklepieitic space supports expanding states of consciousness.

A sound medicinal field opens up to refine awareness, a place to drop in and step back from the profane. Peeling layer by layer. Granting the seed in order to spring it up. Shifting from newness within the unknown to thriving in trust.


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